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Top 5 Benefits of Activated Charcoal Powder to Our Skin

Our skin is open to many sorts of external threats. Pollution, sun exposure, weather, and even our skin care products can pose a threat to our skin. Dirt and residues from products that we often use can soon clog up our pores if we leave them unchecked. The good news is that activated charcoal helps with all these skin problems.

Here are some ways that your skin can benefit from activated charcoal:

1. Detoxifies our skin

Fine activated charcoal powder can draw out trapped dirt from the pores, minimizing pore size and preventing skin problems. Using activated carbon as a face mask can pull out stubborn micro dirt particles from our skin. If we don’t clean our face well, it will result in bacterial buildup, causing pimples, blackheads, and large pores.

Want to deep-cleanse your face this weekend? Try applying a face pack using a good quality activated carbon powder. Make sure to choose a super fine, talcum-like quality carbon powder so as not to cause scratches on your skin.

2. Evens out our complexion

Natural activated charcoal powder can also help even out your complexion. Use raw activated charcoal powder as a gentle skin exfoliator at least once a week to buff out dead cells on the skin surface. This helps smoothen out your skin get rid of dark or rough spots for an overall brighter complexion!

3. Treats insect bites

Activated charcoal can also draw out toxins from insect bites and even plant poisoning. So if you got stung by a bee just make a paste out of this black powder by adding water or a herbal oil to a small amount of activated carbon powder. Then apply it directly onto the affected spot to relieve the itchiness and treat the infection!

4. Helps fight aging

When your skin is exposed to toxins and free radicals, it ages sooner than expected. Over time, toxins can lead to wrinkles and age spots. Activated charcoal has anti-aging properties that help draw out toxins from our skin and body. It helps exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, making it younger and brighter. A fountain of youth!

5. Treats oily skin and irritated scalp

Use activated carbon as a face cleanser to combat acne, blemishes, and oily skin! People with excessively oily complexion can use activated carbon face mask once or twice a week (maximum) to get rid of unwanted sebum. Your skin will feel smooth and clean!

Activated carbon may seem to be an unusual beauty ingredient, but it’s safe and effective. Unlike other beauty products, it’s 100% natural, healthy, and eco-friendly.

Try activated charcoal and experience the benefits for yourself!

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