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How to Remove Toxins from Indoor Air

How to Remove Toxins from Indoor AirDetoxifying our homes can be an overwhelming task. Which products should we use? How do we effectively remove pollutants from indoor air? Where do we start?

These simple pointers can help us get started:

1. Leave shoes at the door

Perhaps it’s time to copy our Japanese folks’ habit of leaving their shoes at the door. We’ll never know what dirt, microorganisms, chemicals, and all other sorts of icky stuff our shoes can bring inside our house.

2. Open the windows whenever possible

Poor ventilation can be toxic. Indoor air is often just as polluted as outdoor air. When the weather allows, simply crack the windows open and let the sunshine in!

3. Get rid of pesticides and chemical cleaners

Pesticides and commercial cleaning products are loaded with all kinds of hazardous chemicals. The best way to eliminate pollution from these products is to simply stop using them. There are plenty of natural alternatives that are safer to use.

4. Use air purifiers rather than conventional air fresheners

Air fresheners mask the odor with chemical laden fragrances, while air purifiers completely remove the source of the odor. Activated charcoal has been widely used as a natural substance for purifying air and liquid elements. It’s a type of carbon processed to increase adsorption power and bind with common household odors and airborne impurities. Using natural air purifiers made from pure activated carbon is the safest alternative to removing odor, chemicals, and allergens suspended in the air.

5. Know your products

It’s always safer to be in the know. Do away with vinyl curtains. Use shower curtains made from nylon, polyester, or cotton materials instead. No idea if it’s vinyl? Just look for PVC on the packaging or number 3 on the seal. Also swap teflon with regular pans and get to know the plastics you have at home. Avoid plastics with BPA, which is a chemical known to disrupt our hormones.

6. DIY Detox

Making our own household cleaning products and body care items is much simpler these days thanks to the Internet. With one simple Google search, you can find thousands of recipes for all-natural, homemade alternatives to these harmful chemical products. It is much healthier and can save you money!

Ditching the conventional products and switching to safer and natural alternatives is often a challenging step to take. We can always take baby steps at first, but this journey is going to be worthwhile - that’s for sure!

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