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Smelly Shoes? Simple Tricks to Keep Shoes Fresh in Storage

Smelly Shoes? Simple Tricks to Keep Shoes Fresh in StorageAll of us have experienced the puke-inducing, pungent smell of a used pair of shoes after a long day of work. These offensive odors indicate that our shoes are full of harmful bacteria and microbes. The good news is that there are effective ways to prevent the stink in our shoes and feet by eliminating the culprits of shoe odor.

What causes stinky shoes?

Moist shoes and sweaty feet are the main causes of shoe odor. The bad odor is generally a result of bacterial or fungal buildup. These odor-causing microbes love dark, enclosed, and moist areas such as the insides of your shoes!

Our feet are usually covered in either work boots or shoes all day. When our feet are covered, they don’t “breathe”. This causes sweat and warmth to combine, providing a perfect breeding ground for smelly bacteria. 

How can you protect your shoes from these smell-inducing microorganisms?

1. Practice good foot hygiene. Keep your feet clean and dry all the time. Wash them very well with soap and include the spaces in between the toes. Keep toenails short and get rid of dry skin. If you have any special foot condition such as profuse sweating, you may seek a dermatologist’s advice for a medicated soap and other treatments.

Also, make sure to dry your feet very well before putting your socks and shoes on. Applying an antibacterial essential oil such as tea tree oil, lavender oil, or coconut oil may also help in building a skin barrier for bacteria, leaving your feet smelling fresh all day.

2. Wear fresh, clean socks daily. Never use the same socks two days in a row. Used socks can also house odor-producing fungus that can lead to smelly shoes and feet.

3. Use natural and effective shoe inserts to prevent moisture and odor buildup. There a few at-home methods that you can try in dehumidifying your shoes to keep them dry while in storage. Newspapers, coffee grounds, cat litter, and baking soda are quite common.

The most powerful and effective solution for odor removal is activated charcoal shoe deodorizers. This natural ingredient binds dehumidifies your shoes and removes smell-causing microbes and bacteria. Just insert activated carbon plugs inside the shoes and let them sit there overnight. This helps adsorb wetness and stop growth of smell-producing bacteria in your boots or shoes.

4. Try alternating what shoes you wear each day. Avoid wearing the same shoes for several days in a row. If applicable, wash your shoes and dry them out under the sunlight during off days. This also helps kill microbes that cause odor in shoes.

5. Choose the right storage. How you store your shoes matter. Open shoe racks are a better storage option for shoes that you wear often. This allows good ventilation which helps prevent moisture. For shoes that you don’t use regularly, you can keep them in shoe boxes odor-controlling inserts like our naturally activated charcoal plugs to keep them fresh and free from moisture, mildew, mold, and stinky odors.

There you have it. Keeping our feet and shoes fresh all the time is easy! With a bit of proper hygiene and the application of natural odor-control products such as activated charcoal, getting rid of bacteria, the root cause of odor, is just a walk in the park.

Have you experienced smelly shoes and feet? What homemade odor-eliminating methods do you use?

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