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4 Surprising Household Uses of Activated Charcoal

4 Surprising Household Uses of Activated CharcoalActivated charcoal continues to amaze us! This powerful natural adsorbent actually offers many other clever and surprising uses. Start using them in your own home today!

1. Preserve old personal items

Do you know that odor-zapping activated carbon is also good in preserving our most cherished possessions? If left unchecked, indoor air and moisture can cause fungal buildup in items such as stored photos, linen, clothes, and old books.

Activated charcoal prevents microbial growth by adsorbing and eliminating moisture and fungi spores. Fungi such as mold and mildew love moisture. If we remove moisture, they can't grow and thrive, leaving our belongings clean and undamaged.

2. Protect your tools from rust

Removing unnecessary moisture in enclosed spaces such as your toolbox helps prevent rust formation. When exposed to moisture and oxygen, iron-made devices and tools can rust over time. To prevent this, just place a bag of charcoal inside your tool box. Activated charcoal will help remove the moisture to prevent iron oxidation and rust buildup.

3. Build healthier terrariums and gardens

Have you extended your garden inside your home? Now you can plant healthier plants indoors by incorporating activated charcoal in your terrariums. Activated charcoal can filter out toxins and chemicals in the soil, giving your plants a safer environment to grow. Activated charcoal also helps condition the soil, encouraging healthier plant growth.

4. Remove chemicals and enrich garden soil

Activated charcoal is a gem for gardening enthusiasts! It is a natural pesticide eliminator and and soil enhancer in one. Activated carbon discourages weed growth and keeps the soil moist. Flowers and other garden plants will love that! By eliminating pesticides in your soil, you protect yourself from the dangerous pesticide fumes. 

How to use activated charcoal in preserving our stored belongings

Using ready-to-use activated charcoal bags is convenient and cost-effective. Just place one of these natural activated carbon bags inside your toolbox, on your bookshelf, and storage cabinets. This keeps humidity and bacterial buildup in check. Most importantly, it protects your cherished items and keeps them clean.

When you’re ready to replace your activated charcoal bags, don’t throw them away. You can still use the carbon inside these bags in your lawn garden or terrariums. Activated charcoal is absolutely pure and organic so you don’t need to worry about harming the environment. It makes a healthy addition to your soil!

Do you know any other clever and surprising ways to use activated charcoal at home? Have you used any of the tips above? Let us know!

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