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6 Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Fresh And Mold Free

keep your bathroom fresh and told free

Our bathrooms can be the perfect hiding place for icky molds and bacteria! Poor ventilation and moisture create the ideal environment for fungal growth. If our bathrooms are not cleaned well, this bacteria and fungi can spread around the house into other rooms!

How to maintain a clean and mold-free shower

1. Clean the bathroom regularly

Set a weekly cleanup schedule. We can’t delay bathroom cleaning for as long as a month! The next thing we know is that mold spots are growing in every nook and cranny of our shower. If we want a fresh-smelling bathroom, thorough cleaning is the first step!

2. Repair leaky pipes and sinks

Check for leaks in your bathroom on a regular basis. Call your plumber right away if any toilet, faucet, or pipe is leaking. Lingering wetness and moisture are the main culprits of mold growth. If we want to stop mold, don’t give them a chance to grow in the first place.

3. Provide proper ventilation

Poor ventilation is the cause of wetness inside the bathroom. If air can circulate, your shower will stay dry. Install a ventilation fan in your bathroom if you don’t have one. Make sure to use it when you bathe. Also leave it running for about 30 minutes post bath to air dry your bathroom.

4. Keep bathroom humidity levels low

The best way to stop mold and fungus is to prevent them from growing in the first place. Use a good dehumidifier or air conditioner. One safe and natural way of dehumidifying your shower is by using activated carbon air filters. Activated carbon neutralizes humidity and removes airborne mold spores. This helps prevent fungal and bacterial buildup!

5. Wash rugs and curtains regularly

Wet, dirty bathroom rugs are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. We need to wash them well to remove these harmful and smelly microorganisms. Also, use mold-resistant shower curtains. Otherwise, wash them regularly to stop mold growth.

6. Use mold-eliminating cleaning products

Instead of using harmful commercial cleaning solutions, you may use safer cleaning alternatives. Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice are great cleaning agents to use. Lemon juice and vinegar contain high acid levels that can kill mildew and mold.

We all want to bathe in a fresh and clean shower. By implementing the above tips, we can always have a clean and mold-free bathroom all the time.

Also, it is always best to use natural cleaning and mold prevention products. This protects our family’s health from hazardous chemicals. Conventional bathroom deodorizers usually contain artificial fragrances that can be damaging to our health.

It is best to use natural alternatives such as pure, activated carbon. It is odorless and free from chemical-based fragrances. Activated charcoal is also multipurpose. It dehumidifies the air, removes mold spores, and can remove doors!

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