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4 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Home

4 Tips to Maintain a Healthy HomeKeeping our loved ones healthy is a big priority. Luckily we can always reduce the risks that our family members will get sick. There’s a lot of information out there that can make the process confusing. The good news is that most health issues can be easily prevented by keeping our bodies and homes clean!

Here’s a quick guide to help keep a healthy home for your family:

1. Handwashing

Things that we touch or use each day have millions of germs that can transfer to our bodies the moment we get in contact with them. Thus, we need to make sure that we wash our hands using soap and running water especially in the following situations:
  • Before eating and cooking our meals
  • After being outside our house (especially after touching things that other people are using such as hand rails, doors, elevator buttons, etc.)
  • After using the restroom or toilet
  • After changing diapers
  • After playing with pets or cleaning up our pet’s items such as litter trays, chew toys, etc.
  • After doing dirty household chores like taking out the garbage or cleaning the bathroom 
2. Cleaning surfaces

Another way to keep our family safe from bacterial infection is by cleaning surfaces in our home. These include your countertop, chopping boards, bathroom counters and sinks, kitchen sponge, and areas that we often touch such as our phones, keyboards, switches, door knobs, and fridge handles.

It is enough to clean these places regularly with soap and water. Using antibacterial soaps isn’t necessarily a better option. We don’t have to constantly disinfect these areas, but it’s important to include them in our regular cleaning.

3. Eliminating unseen microorganisms

Bacteria and viruses aren’t the only microorganisms that cause illnesses. Mold and dust also cause health problems if we don’t remove them. Airborne allergens such as mold spores and dust are a major concern especially for people with allergies or asthma.

Vacuuming our carpets and sofas at least once a week helps keep dust under control.
A great solution is using activated charcoal air filters and purifiers to help eliminate airborne impurities including mold, dust, lint, and pet hair. Installing a ventilation fan in the shower can also help in preventing mold growth.

4. Reading product labels carefully

As consumers, we need to know the ingredients of any product that we use at home. Let’s be mindful of common household chemicals that pose health threats to our family. Whenever possible, choose products with natural ingredients over artificial ones. For example, in purifying indoor air, we can choose activated charcoal purifiers instead of chemical-laden air fresheners.

If we want to keep a safe and health-friendly environment for our loved ones, routine cleaning is essential. Our choice of cleaning items is a key factor as well.

How do you maintain a healthy and disease-free home? Have you been applying any of these steps?

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