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"I recently had the opportunity to try Activated Charcoal Shoe Odor Eliminator by Sagano; its activated charcoal is a highly porous deodorizing material that has a powerful ability to attract, adsorb, and remove not only unpleasant smells but also other impurities in the air improving air quality. I love that it’s free from chemicals and other harmful ingredients. I’m using one charcoal bag in my luggage while it’s being stored. Then I often store my gym back in the back of the van so I’ve put one activated charcoal odor eliminator in my gym bag to help absorb moisture."
- Julie Smart

"I don't commonly have sweaty feet with my normal shoes that I wear during the day such as heels or flats but when I wear sneakers while I exercise, I sweat pretty excessively. That, in turn, causes my sneakers to smell. I've never really used a shoe deodorizer in the past, although I probably should have. After using these I've noticed such a difference! They leave my sneakers with a fresh smell and removes all the odors. It's amazing! It's also probably healthy to use deodorizers instead of having smelly sneakers/shoes laying around. I was very impressed!"
- Kristen Kiner

"I use these in our dry cloth diaper pail. I wash every other night and so diapers can get pretty smelly in the pail (closed lid pail system). We spray the messy diapers with our cloth diaper toilet sprayer and then put the semi-wet and dry diapers in the pail with a Planet Wise pail liner. We use the Busch Systems odor free diaper pail. This gives an added boost of odor eliminating properties since even this "odor free" pail gets its share of stink every now and then when we have particularly icky diapers. This is a great deodorizer and works well. I place 1 of these at the bottom of the bucket (outside of the pail liner) and close the lid of the pail. The other charcoal deodorizer is put in the same room (our master bathroom) as the pail liner. This works well and I love how we can reactivate it if needed (place in the sunshine outside). We have had this a month and have not had to reactivate yet. I recommend this set and can find so many uses of these if I decide to get more of them. *This was sent to me as a complimentary review sample, and this is my personal experience of the product. I have used this set daily for a month."
- Honeybee

"I bought this because the other person in our house has been complaining about litter box odor from my cats. I keep the things scooped out and refreshed every day and clean them once a week, but they could still smell it. One of these on the shelf near the box (along with some carbon granules mixed into the litter) and she hasn't complained since."
- V.M. Roberts

"Works in our hall closet very well. We keep it really organized with shoes on the bottom, coats in the middle, and accessories like hats and scarves on the top shelf. You can get stinky in the winter and spring. I found that this Helps dissipate any nasty odors. Coming from a family of boys, this is been very helpful."
- Emmett Otter

"This is an all natural product that's powerful. We use to use baking soda boxes in our fridge to take away the odor. However I never really liked that idea because they would sometimes spill over and then you had a mess on hand. I like this idea much better. I have always heard charcoal would take away odors. I have used it in my car before. I had never thought about using it in a fridge. This is pretty cool though. It comes in a nice box that keeps it all together. I placed it at the back of my top shelf of the fridge. I'm hoping my kids don't find it, but you probably know how that goes. I think kids eventually find everything lol. I like how if it stops working just put it in the sun for a few hours. It's suppose to last up to two year - wow! I'm so looking into buying a couple more of these for my bathroom, closets, car, and even the house itself. Don't need mold or odors in here."
- Amazon Customer

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